Electronic production machines

Electronic production, soldering, SMD typesetting and electronic card testing machines.

Electronic production and repair devices

Electronic card production, repair and test equipment.


Electronic production, test and maintenance repair consumables.

Machines, instruments and consumables for electronic production, SMD placement and soldering

Everything you need for electronic production, card repair and SMD typesetting. Machines, soldering irons, test and measurement devices used in production. In addition, consumables, cream solders, conformal coating materials and others.

What We Offer for You

Machines, devices and supplies.
Award-winning customer technical service support from Europe. *

electronic production

What We Offer You

Machines, devices and consumables for electronic production.
Future technologies that make your job easier, increase your efficiency and reduce your costs.
Awarded customer service support from Europe.

ProSMT Elektronik Award from Yamaha Motor

On three continents Yamaha provides technical service support to electronic production machines of Turkey ProSMT service teamYamaha Motor Europe Most Valuable Service 2018 won the award.

Pillarhouse Selective Soldering Machines

The most homogeneous and sensitive fluxing method known in selective regional soldering machines. The smallest point selective nozzle ever with a diameter of 1.5mm. Thousands of systems working in the automotive, aircraft space, communications and defense industries. All at PillarHouse.

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