ProZoom Digi 7 digital video microscope

ProZoom Digi 7 HD Digital Microscope

Standard optical magnification ratio from 12x-78x. Full HD displays stunning clarity at 60 frames per second. Image and video recording. Measurement and reporting without connecting to a computer. Smart digital microscope that can freeze images and print to excel.

12 "Screen
282 * 178mm

12x - 78x


New design and versatile digital video microscope

Draw shapes, take notes, make measurements on the microscope image. Save them as photos or videos. It is used not only for mobile phone repair, but also for very fine solder repair or jewelry welding. Adjustable magnification from 12-78x is displayed on a 12 inch 1080p LED monitor.

Prozoom Digi 7 is a smart digital microscope. With its many accessories in various sectors
used for inspection, analysis and repair. It is preferred in fields such as electronics, metal and plastic industry, medicine, mineralogy, insect science, botanical, forensic laboratory, education.
Prozoom Digi 7 Digital Microscope

1 / 2.86 inch
Sony Sensor

True Color

Video Recording

Uniform lighting with 144 LEDs and diffuser

The lighting system with 144 LEDs, adjustable in light intensity, makes it easy to display the samples to be examined at the desired brightness without shading properly. Luminous homogeneity is further perfected with the diffuser located in front of the LEDs and diffusing the light at different angles.
Prozoom Digi 7 Microscope LED illumination
Prozoom Digi 7 Digital Microscope

Moving Monitor

Prozoom Digi 7 provides fast and easy operation with a digital microscope. The 12 "HD resolution monitor offers sharp, high-quality images as well as an ergonomically tiltable monitor device for comfortable and comfortable operation. The image can be viewed on multiple screens simultaneously with the HDMI splitter, so it's also possible to use it in training. Manual focus and zoom allow quick adjustment .

More complicated, without cable clutter

Monitor power input
HDMI input
Monitor angle adjustment
USB memory connection port
LED light adjustment button
144 LED lighting units
On-off switch
Main power input
Prozoom Digi 7 links

Technicial Specifications

Magnification rate 12x-78x (9x-155x optional)
Lens lens 0,7x-4,5x
Visual field width (FOV) 3mm-23mm (max. 30mm optional)
Working height 100mm (max. 198mm optional)
Lighting Built-in 144 LED lighting
Image transfer interface HDMI / VGA
Image monitor Built-in 1080p HD LED monitor
Measurement and drawing marker Mouse connection
Floor area 260mm (X) * 320mm (Y)
Height 480 mm
Weight 5,5kg
functions Full HD optical review
Drawing geometric shapes
1080p 60fps Video image
Video recording
Picture recording


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