Second Hand Electronic Production Machine

Distributor certified. Cared for. Renovated. SMD String, Bakery, Printer and Others

Used electronic production and testing machines for sale or rent. Your advantage: Make sure you know what to get with well-defined service support conditions. Save money and the environment. Save on service and repair, replacement of expensive parts.

SMD Placement
Yamaha, Assembleon, ASM, Fuji, Panasonic, Juki, Hanwa, Samsung, Mirae, ... used SMD typesetting machines

Reflow Oven
BTU, Soltec, Heller, SMT, Suneast, ... used reflow ovens

Screen Printing Machine
ASM DEK, Speedprint, MPM, Yamaha, Fuji, Panasonic, SJ Innotech,… used screen printing machines

Wave Soldering Machine
Soltec, Electrovert, Ersa, Iemme, Suneast, Tolo, Seho, Dektec, JT, HB ... second hand wave soldering machines

Semi Automatic Printing Machine
Used semi-automatic printing machines.

Wave Soldering Machine

Suneast Peak-350

2011 model. Used fully automatic wave soldering machine for sale. In action. With main wave, SMD wave and spray fluxing unit. With conveyor.
Price 14.000 USD


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